Olieism 2.18.13

Situation: Sitting in the car before dropping Olie off for his first day of pre-school.

Olie: Will you be going home to work?
Me: Yes, I get to work on taxes.
Olie: Texas is a weird state.
Me: Yes, it is.

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The significance of the nautilus shell

I love this.

The ancient Nautilus Shell is a symbol of proportional perfection. It is the most inspiring and energetic form known to human kind. It is also the perfect paradox – having survived relatively unchanged for millions of years, the Nautilus Shell is, oddly enough, a symbol for expansion and renewal as it grows increasingly larger chambers throughout its life. Its shape represents the golden mean number, known as PHI, in which the digits continue indefinitely without ever repeating themselves. PHI is found in all living forms, and when used in artwork and architecture, it renders the object beautiful to the human eye.

To me the Nautilus Shell encapsulates what I try to achieve in my work: balance, beauty, consistency and continual growth. I strive to integrate that perfect paradox…to create stability by keeping what has always been good, but to generate change by discovering what needs to improve. I want to strike that perfect balance between justice and progress that helps us become a more civil society. I want to provide my clients with beautiful, top quality work that inspires and energises them to continue evolving, whilst always retaining that which is good.

Thank you, Rebecca Cotton.



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Growing Younger

From the March 30, 2012 issue of magazine “The Week”

A 101-year-old great-great-grandmother was recognized by the Guinness World Records this week as the oldest woman to ever tandem paraglide. Mary Hardison of Ogden, Utah, took her record flight to celebrate her birthday in September of last year, while being cheered on by four generations of her family. This week, Guinness said it would officially add her feat to the record books. She said she was “humbled” by her record, and encouraged other elderly people to try to break it. “Do things as long as you are physically able,” she said. “Be positive. Friends don’t like a grumpy person.”

Redwoods Camping

When we were camping at Sam Taylor Redwoods State Park two summers ago (campsite pictured above), I met another camper who was a retired woman traveling across the US in a converted van. I love meeting adventurous people of any age, but I especially LOVE meeting and hearing about adventurous elders who knock holes in my unquestioned assumptions about what it’s like to grow older. I want to be like these two women.

Who do you want to be like when you grow younger?


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Hello, 2014!

2013 Happy New Year, Everyone! Sometimes it takes me awhile, but better late than not at all, I say.

Mark made the lovely image above. Here are the captions, starting in the top left corner and going clockwise:

1. Nana and Olie – day at the park

2. Olie’s first snow – in Yosemite Valley at Curry Village last February. It was crunchy, but he didn’t care.

3. Olie licking the spatula. He now also insists on the beaters and the bowl, and sometimes snitches nibbles from the cookies or muffins on the pan.

4. Olie and our friend and neighbor George – looking out the window during a jet test ride on the runway.

5. Digging – a favorite activity.

6. Swimming. I got Olie a great life jacket this summer. He loves it and, after three or four times swimming over the course of a month, he was maneuvering himself around the pool.

7. I gave him his first haircut, just after he turned three.

8. Hug. =)

9. Mark and Olie camping this summer at Sam Taylor State Park – our favorite family camping park.

10. Nana got Olie a typewriter for his birthday. He loves it!

11. Beach Day on Tomales Bay. It was warm enough to get in the water, though most of the time was spent building sand castles.

12. Ah… Nap time… How I miss thee… Naptimes went out with the old year.

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A Day in the Life

April 1 was my 2 year anniversary of being a stay-at-home mom. Olie is now 2.5 years old!  I’ve been asked occasionally what I do all day. Heck, sometimes I wonder what I do all day!   I also occasionally feel my contributions to the family are undervalued or at least not well understood. So, this is my attempt to record a typical day – as much as there ever is one.

7am – Wake up.  Read in my daily reader. Check and send emails. Check to-do list. Check calendar.  Do a few sun salutations? Get Olie when he wakes up and give him some milk. Feed the cats. Start a load of laundry.

8am – Get dressed. Potty time. Get Olie dressed. Brush Olie’s hair. Brush my hair. Make breakfast. Hope Olie eats breakfast. Check monthly menu. Prep dinner with Olie’s help. Check house cleaning list. Clean kitchen. Playdough time. Sweep floor.  Let cats in and out, out and in. Take vitamins if I remember.  Maybe have a cup of green tea if I didn’t sleep well.  Call Grandpa, and do facetime with him so Olie can see his clocks.

930am – Finish getting Olie dressed. Change his shirt if necessary. Find his shoes and sunglasses. Go for a walk to get a few groceries. Let Olie pick out some berries. Stop every 100 feet or so on the way home to give Olie more berries. Stop at fire hydrants so that he can smack them.

1030am – Be quiet until Mark wakes up. Make Mark coffee?  Play. Put laundry in dryer or hang out to dry.  Add what we spent to list on fridge. Potty time.

11am – Think about what’s for lunch. Make lunch. Hope Olie eats lunch.  Play. Do something on my list.

1pm – Read books with Olie.

2pm – Give Olie milk. Hope he naps.

230pm – Olie naps. Have a cup of cocoa and a snack. Check and send emails, calendar and to-do list. Check facebook – waste 30 minutes “liking” things that don’t really matter. Make a phone call. Do something on my list.

4pm – Give Olie milk. Read a book on my phone. Read books to Olie. Potty time.

5pm – Make the rest of dinner. Clean kitchen. Put away dishes. Load dishwasher.  Clean off table. Tidy up house. Get mail. Go through mail. Put away toys. Set table.

6pm – Eat dinner. Hope Olie eats.  Sweep floor. Maybe let him have the ipad for 30 minutes (no more).  Fold laundry and put away? Feed cats. Feed fish. Dump out grey water.

7pm – Be in a good mood when Mark gets home. Tell him what’s for dinner. Read books with Olie.

8pm – Potty time. Brush teeth. Put on pajamas. Watch Olie on jump on bed. Take vitamins if I remember.

830pm – Lights out. Sleep.

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