2008 Quilts

This quilt was given to Dorinda. The colors remind me of the east bay hills where she lives. This was my second attempt at freehand machine quilting. It was really difficult to get the tension right for the back of the quilt. The front looks alright though. It’s hanging on her office wall!

This quilt is Peter and Amy’s wedding present. I’d been saving blue scraps for ages for this quilt. I didn’t think I’d like it, but I actually adore it, especially the pieced back.

This is my cousin Chris’s baby Alexia’s baby quilt. I love the flowers in the circles.

This is Jolene’s baby’s quilt. I call it “Down to the River.” It was my idea to do the rays out from the corner and Mark’s to do the wavy lines.

I’ve had the fabric for this quilt for several years. It took me ages to figure out what it wanted to do. This is the second quilt I’ve experimented with free-hand machine quilting on.

By the end, my swirls got pretty good.

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