2009 Quilts

I didn’t finish many quilts this year. Instead, I spent a lot of time teaching a few friends to quilt. I also practiced batch quilting. I did a bunch of quilt tops all at one time, then a bunch of quilting, then a bunch of binding.

So, I finished six quilts completely (see photos), and quilted four quilts that don’t have bindings yet, and made four additional quilt tops. I also went to the Pacific International Quilt Festival in San Jose in October, and learned several new techniques and practiced machine quilting.

Here are the quilts I’ve finished in the last year.

This is Jason and Phu’s wedding quilt.

This is Rich and Patty’s wedding quilt.

This is Sarah’s baby’s quilt.

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  1. RANDY MCGEE says:

    hey velma how are you doing? I’m writing on behalf of your mom.She is wondering how you are doing?Anyway can you please e-mail her and let her know how you are doing.Also your baby is beautiful and i know you and mark will make great parents.Hope to hear from you soon Randy and Joyce.

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