A circle in a square

These lovely fabrics are all from Robert Kaufman Fabrics. The first one I bought from Eddie’s Quilting Bee at the San Francisco Quilt Show last year. The second two I bought in Hawaii at a fabric shop in Kona on the day I stepped on a nail. My cut of the middle fabric with the butterflies has more blue in it (same blue as the third fabric) but the website didn’t have that swatch. I didn’t realize they were all from the same company until I got back and was collecting fabrics for a quilt top. So, I checked out the website and there are so many cool fabrics by this company.

The quilt top I made with these fabrics is a lovely circle in a square. The circle is mostly the butterfly fabric and is 22 inches across. The square is about 30 inches across, is made of four solids and is bordered by the fabric on the far right. It’s the first quilt top I’ve made, probably since the one I made in my first class, that is perfectly square. I borrowed Mark’s squaring ruler to help me out. The final quilt top is about 40″x40″. I plan on hand quilting it later this year, once I learn from Grandma.

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