A year in the Garden

Mark and I moved to Precita Avenue a year ago. In the last year, ten months actually because I didn’t get out in to the garden until June, I’ve spent many happy hours digging in the back yard and turning it in to a garden. It’s come a loooonnngg way. Here’s a post from the beginning.

Two weekends ago I tackled and conqured the fig tree! It certainly left it’s mark on me too. It turns out I’m allergic to fig tree sap, so all of the scraps from the pruning turned into ugly blisters. I’m just about healed.

Last weekend, I pruned part of the plum tree. In this picture you can see some I’ve pruned on the left, and what I hadn’t yet on the right.

These are the same branches after I’ve pruned the ones on the right too. I still have about a third of the tree to get to. It’s the highest and hardest to reach by ladder. It’s also where the aphids are hanging out. Last year, they were all over the tree. This year they’re just on the parts I haven’t pruned yet.

Mark helps in the garden too. He does mostly detail work and the watering, both things that I’m lackluster at.

I took out the last of the fava beans. This is the harvest. I still haven’t gotten around to cooking them yet.

I’m not doing any garden work this weekend though because I had my wisdom teeth pulled Friday and I’m supposed to “take it easy.” It’s been really nice here the last two days, so I’ve been lounging outside and enjoying watching my garden grow.

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One Response to A year in the Garden

  1. mamakohl says:

    gorgeous! I LOVE IT!

    Oh those wisdom teeth. I remember that experience well.


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