Babylock Quilting Professional

My new sewing machine is awesome! It has a long arm for stuffing larger quilts through. It has a button that makes the needle stop down and a button that cuts the thread. It has a needle threader and I can do free-motion quilting on it. It makes quilting so much easier. I actually look forward to it!

In the last two weeks, I’ve finished two quilts. Check them out at There are more to come soon! I have five more quilt tops waiting for their time at the machine.

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  1. The Frays says:

    Velma, happy birthday! I was really hoping that Frayby would make his/her debut today, but it doesn’t seem likely. I can’t think of a better person to share a birthday with. Have a great day!

    Awesome machine! I need to get back to quilting again. Once Frayby arrives I hope to be inspired (cause I’ll have even more time with 3 kids?). Rambler sleeps with his monster quilt no matter how hot it is. “I need mine monsters blankie.”

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