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How My Garden Grows

My garden is very happy. The peas, cilantro and chard are delicious. Next up is lettuce and tomatoes. The poppies are blooming like crazy. We have a crop of other wildflowers, nasturiums and potatoes coming up too. We’ve planted a … Continue reading

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Canning with April

This summer I had a plethora of fruit – pears, apples and blackberries. The pears were from a co-worker’s tree. The apple’s were from a neighbor’s tree. The blackberries were from a massive thicket behind another neighbor’s house. The quandry … Continue reading

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Cookies with April

April and I have been friends a long time, just about half of our lives. In highschool, one of our choice entertainments was making a mess in the kitchen. Since April has moved out to Berkeley to do her post-doc, … Continue reading

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I am Grateful

I love Thanksgiving. In fact, it’s my second favorite holiday (first is halloween, third is passover). I love that it’s focus is on remembering and celebrating the things that make our life rich. A huge part of my life is … Continue reading

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For D. Matson

Thanksgiving Cranberry BreadFrom Recipes for a Small Planet a 5″ x 12″ loaf of 12 slices 1 slice=approx. 5 grams of usable protein11% to 13% of average daily protein need 1/4 cup butter2/3 to 1 cup honey2 eggs1 cup orange … Continue reading

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