First things first

I just concluded my third week without making a list. Which, if you know me, is counter to how I’ve spent basically my entire life. I did this so that I wouldn’t start my time as a SAHM already feeling bad about all the things I haven’t done. I also needed to make a clean mental break from work to home, and explore only doing things I wanted to do. Plus, it gave me an opportunity to see what can be done with a little tyke to care for. (Of course, this was before he crawled! It’s a whole new adventure now.)

So, I spent most of the last three weeks organizing the house – cleaning out cabinets, drawers, closets, shelves, boxes. It was very enjoyable, cleansing, theraputic, and now it’s mostly done. I’m one of those folks who likes to have things put away before I start making a new mess. So, now I feel a surge of creative mess-making coming on.

I’m curious how this will all mesh with the reality of living with a little person. I’m sure it will all work out, but at least I have a clean foundation to start from.

And I think I’ll start making lists now. I’ve done all the easy stuff, and now I seem to spend more time remembering what I need to do than doing it. Not really, but the scales are tipping. I may try and spend one week every so often doing the no list experiment, just to reset myself. That may be helpful.

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