Friends’ Blogs

We’re all online now-a-days, aren’t we?

Mark – my graphic designer and fabulous beau

Enter the Fray – Andi, Jake, Josie and Rambler

Mama Kohl – one of my best and longest friends, still residing in mid-MO, being a mom and helping other women become moms

Scott – the reason I landed in CA and a very good friend

Brian – CGF Advocate and Closet Nerd

Chris and Jana – are storing my dresser!

April – Highschool Friend and PhD candidate, specializing in worms

David – one of the coolest people I met at the Tikkun Spiritual Activism conference

Deb – cool chick and another one of those smart grad student types

Jimbo – who’s actually just stopped blogging!

Seth Lombardi – one of my few remaining high school contacts

Daryl Groetsch - a mid-Mo escapee in Portland doing cool music stuff

Martin Beally – in Seattle, making things taste good

ok. well, maybe that’s not quite all of us…

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