Hello, 2014!

2013 Happy New Year, Everyone! Sometimes it takes me awhile, but better late than not at all, I say.

Mark made the lovely image above. Here are the captions, starting in the top left corner and going clockwise:

1. Nana and Olie – day at the park

2. Olie’s first snow – in Yosemite Valley at Curry Village last February. It was crunchy, but he didn’t care.

3. Olie licking the spatula. He now also insists on the beaters and the bowl, and sometimes snitches nibbles from the cookies or muffins on the pan.

4. Olie and our friend and neighbor George – looking out the window during a jet test ride on the runway.

5. Digging – a favorite activity.

6. Swimming. I got Olie a great life jacket this summer. He loves it and, after three or four times swimming over the course of a month, he was maneuvering himself around the pool.

7. I gave him his first haircut, just after he turned three.

8. Hug. =)

9. Mark and Olie camping this summer at Sam Taylor State Park – our favorite family camping park.

10. Nana got Olie a typewriter for his birthday. He loves it!

11. Beach Day on Tomales Bay. It was warm enough to get in the water, though most of the time was spent building sand castles.

12. Ah… Nap time… How I miss thee… Naptimes went out with the old year.

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