Lessons from the Mid-west

So, I’ve been back in CA a week. The first drive into SF was a little shocking – so fast, loud and bright (at night). But then I headed to Berkeley for a Spiritual Politics conference (more on that later) and now SF seems normal…

– People are good at justifying any decision.
– Each person’s perspective is absolutely true to that person.
– There are some awesome people in Missouri and surrounds.
– If you knew a person early enough in your life, enjoying their company later comes with ease.
– I don’t quite understand the family bond. We don’t all agree or understand, but we all love and tolerate (for the most part) each other.
– Some Missouri wines are good, but most are uber-sweet. I especially liked the Norton, a dry red, from St. James Winery.
– It matters less where you are, and more who you are – at least in raising a family. I’ve seen progressive people from the country and conservatives from the city.
– There’s a lot of work, especially for women, to be done in MO. It’s the only state where it is a felony to have a home-birth under the supervision of a mid-wife.
– Sprawl is a problem everywhere. It’s even reaching my little Sandy Hook.
– It takes four Buds (as opposed to my usual three beers) to get drunk, but with practice, one can drink up to a dozen in an evening. It helps to be in construction.
– Central Dairy’s Butter Brickle ice cream is still the best.
– Tofu is even available in Jefferson City.
– I’m beginning to understand “Never put off until tomorrow, what you can put off until the day after tomorrow.” (Mark Twain)
– I could live in Missouri again. It was harder leaving this time, than any time before. I deeply miss the company of my family and friends on a daily and weekly basis.

At any rate, I’m back in California. What is next for me, I don’t know. I’m going to see how long I can do this non-employment thing. Today, though, I’m going to finish unpacking and finally get around to reading a book, maybe even in the park.

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3 Responses to Lessons from the Mid-west

  1. mamakohl says:

    Hey there, SweetTart,

    While it possible to consume 12 Buds in one night, it’s much preferable to have, say, 12 Boulevard Unfiltered Wheats or even better, 12 Shiner Bocks.

    And as a quick note about Midwifery. Odd thing, that. It’s NEVER illegal to have your baby at home. In fact, you could have your baby at home with no one but your dog and your favorite Pokemon toys in attendence. HOWEVER, if that dog or Pokemon toy happened to call themselves a midwife and made money from doing so, well, then that dog or toy would have committed a felony. CNMs (Certified Nurse Midwives) are legal, BUT they have to practice under the supervision of a physician, so well, you see where that goes. So, have all your babies at home. Hire CPMS or DEMs (Certified Professional Midwives or Direct Entry Midwives,) but be sure to call them either Fido or Aunt Carol. Or else they could go to jail.

    And, finally, remember this: strong, deep, nourishing roots can grow and flourish even where there is no apparent nutrition. The world view is seen by the eye – not so much the zip code.

    Love and Rockets,

  2. Anonymous says:

    Welcome back, Velma! I greatly enjoyed your writing on different aspects of your travels, particularly your ability to observe and report objectively on the changes that have happened since your time there in the past. The notes and photos about the sprawl were particularly disturbing, and the detailed look at the farming/gardening was very enjoyable. I still don’t think I would survive in the Midwest (Hell, I didn’t even make it living in Redwood City ;-) ), but at least I am assured that there are interesting things going on out there too. (And finally tofu — yay!). I will be interested to hear more about the trip sometime!
    Jen E.

  3. espd says:

    “…strong, deep, nourishing roots can grow and flourish even where there is no apparent nutrition. The world view is seen by the eye – not so much the zip code…”

    Wiser words I have not heard today.

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