Ozark Handspun

Some of you will be so proud of me! I procrastinated again. That’s twice in one month!

We’re leaving for Columbus, OH tomorrow morning for the National NeedleArts Association Market Show. This trade show has over 800 vendors and over 1000 attendees, mostly yarn shop owners. I’m really glad I’m here to help Dad and Terri with this event, because attention to detail hasn’t been their strongest suit lately. I think I’ve got them all straightened out now. I designed and set up the booth and figured out everything we need to take. It’s packed, in the car and ready to go.

So, about the procrastination… I didn’t get the display scrapbook finished til 8 this evening and I have not yet packed for myself. It’s 11pm. Packing may have to wait til tomorrow… =)

If you haven’t checked out OzarkHandspun.com yet, please do. It’s lovely.

We get back on Tuesday. Wish us luck!

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2 Responses to Ozark Handspun

  1. mamakohl says:

    PROCRASTINATOR! Well, I suppose I can forgive you, as I was most likely the cause of said procrastination. Thanks for letting us invade High Street Heaven for a day!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful website! I especially like the large, clear photos of the yarn samples.
    Jen E.

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