Thankfully I’m marrying a grup!

At the core of being a Grup is “rejecting a hand-me-down model of adulthood that asks, or even necessitates, that you let go of everything you ever felt passionate about. It’s about reimagining adulthood as a period defined by promise, rather than compromise.”

Mark just posted about an article in the New York Metro – Up With Grups – which, except for the emphasis on materialism, I mostly agree with. It’s a long article, but worth the read.

Mark and I definitely aren’t as trendy as those described in the article. (Though he is hipper than me.) We don’t have earbuds implanted or spend a lot of money on clothes. We put very little emphasis on material things. I’m woefully unsavvy about the latest anything – always have been. But, when I do catch on (thanks to Mark and Jesser on the music front), I love it! And I’m probably not going to take up skateboarding, though I’ll try snowboarding probably next season and eventually get as good as Mark.

But, doing something I love and being passionate about and enjoying my life is core to who I am. And this is one fundamental differences between the boomers and the grups. I’ve had many conversations with my father who has trouble understanding that money is not my motivating factor. A larger paycheck is not worth my sanity or my happiness.

Grups are parents, too. The article starts talking about that on page five. We’re not parents yet, but when we are, you can be sure that our offspring will know The Beatles, Beck, Franz Ferdinand and Grandaddy. And, of course, we’ll do our best to model passionate lives for them – for better or worse.

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  1. mamakohl says:

    Thunderous applause!!

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