The No-Sugar Sugar Cookie Bake Off

Last Saturday, several of my good friends came over and we tried out some cookie recipes that we could all eat – which means that they had no gluten, mostly no sugar, no eggs, no dairy and no soy. What’s left? A lot of creativity.

Here are the recipes we tried and how they worked:
Rapadura is dried sugarcane juice, ie sugar – I tried a batch of these without spices, and with honey instead of molasses. LK tried a batch with the spices. The batch with the spices was better, good actually. The batch with out tasted grainy.

LW tried this one, and substituted coconut oil for butter. These were ok.

The winner is:
I also made these, with egg substitute, palm oil instead of butter, and gluten free flour mix instead of millet flour. I reduced the sugar by 1/4 c. These were GOOOOODD! Couldn’t tell they weren’t normal cookies.

LW brought store bought vegan sugar icing. So, each cookie had a bit of that on it. I made coconut icing, which was good, but wasn’t set up until after all the cookies were baked, decorated, and half eaten! I look forward to trying it on some more cookies soon. Here’s that recipe –

So, while they weren’t all completely normal, they were all definitely edible because just two days later, there were none left thanks to Mark, who is a traditional cookie expert.

Next up, whole wheat, vegan, sugar-less sugar cookies!

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