The last two years have been doozies. I just created a list of major events because I couldn’t keep it all straight. There is so much that has happened and changed in my life. I feel like youth is definitely over. Over the years, I’ve heard people mention Saturn’s Return as a really challenging, changing time of life. I just realized that that time is now. Yes, it sounds really woo-woo, but it fits. Here’s a description of Saturn’s Return that describes my last two years better than I can.

Major events
February 2006 – agree to get hitched
March 2006 – start working at Save-the-Redwoods League, changing family dynamics
June 2006 – Turn 28
October 2006 – get hitched
March 07 – Mom goes missing
April 07- Move to Precita
June 07 – Turn 29
Nov 07 – Mark got 3 months notice
January 08 – Mark’s last day at cnet

Ongoing for the last year
Lots of personal reflection
Cleaning up our financial house
Lots of gardening
Mourning Mom

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